How it works?
This 1-wire analyzer capture all transmissions via 1-wire bus, decode it and send to PC via virtual RS-232 port. Received data can be displayed by any terminal program on PC computer. Main part of analyzer is ATTiny2313 microcontroller with 20MHz crystal. Link to PC are realized by FTDI FT245RL on UM245R module.



Example of transmission captured by 1-wire sniffer (read serial number from DS18B20 1-wire thermometer) :


  PCB bottom layer
  PCB top layer (wire jumpers)
  PCB top overlay

Parts list
U1 : ATTiny2313-20PU
  U2 : UM245R DIP module
  X1 : 20MHz crystal
  C1,C2 : 22pF 0805
  C3 : 100nF 0805
  C4 : 10uF electrolytic
  R1 : 330Ohm
  R2 : 4,7kOhm
  LED : 3mm green LED

There are three SMD jumpers : JP1, JP2 and JP3. For 1-wire bus analyze JP1 must be short, JP2 and JP3 must be open. 1-wire bus (DQ and GND lines) must be connected to INT0 and GND pin. Fusebits must be set for external crystal oscillator > 8MHz. FTDI VCP drivers must be installed before use this sniffer.

Assembled module :



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