Universal C library for SED1530/SPLC501C LCD
This library is designed for LCD displays with SED1530/SPLC501C controller IC and 132x64 pixels resolution. Library is written in C language, and can be ported to any MCU or CPU.

Currently supported and tested platforms
- Atmel AVR and avr-gcc compiler (WinAVR)

Library structure
Library contains following files :
  SPLC501C.c - main library file (use always)
  SPLC501C.h - header file for SPLC501C.c (use always)
  SPLC501C-LPC2100.c - low-level driver for NXP LPC2000 MCU (use only with LPC2000 MCU)
  graphic.c - file with graphic routines (drawing lines, circles, rectangles, etc) (use only if You want)
  graphic.h - header file for graphic.h file (use only if You want)
  font5x8.h - fonts definitions

How to use library?
Add to Your project all platform-independent files and one of low-level drivers specify for Your platform (e.q. SPLC501C-AVR.c) and build project.

For converting bitmaps to format required by GLCD_Bitmap function You can use my : Bitmap converter

Example screens
LT13264B display module from Leader Time :

Used function : GLCD_Bitmap()

Used function : GLCD_WriteString()

Used functions : GLCD_Line() and GLCD_Rectangle()

Universal C library for SED1530/SPLC501C LCD


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