SSD1963 is a display controller of 1215K byte frame buffer to support up to 864 x 480 x 24bit graphics content. It also equips parallel MCU interfaces in different bus width to receive graphics data and command from MCU. Its display interface supports common RAM-less LCD driver of color depth up to 24 bit-per-pixel.

SSD1963 features
- Built-in 1215K bytes frame buffer. Support up to 864 x 480 at 24bpp display
- Support TFT 18/24-bit generic RGB and TTL interface panel
- Support 8-bit RGB interface
- Hardware rotation of 0, 90, 180, 270 degree
- Hardware display mirroring
- Hardware windowing
- Programmable brightness, contrast and saturation control
- Dynamic Backlight Control (DBC) via PWM signal
- 128-pin LQFP or 80-pin TFBGA package
- Built-in clock generator
- Deep sleep mode for power saving
- Core supply voltage (VDDPLL and VDDD): 1.2V±0.1V
- I/O supply voltage (VDDIO): 1.65V to 3.6V
- LCD interface supply voltage (VDDLCD): 1.65V to 3.6V



Driver for SSD1963 and STM32 microcontroller
Driver for STM32 microcontrollers and 16-bit pixel data interface (from STM32 to SSD1963). Data interface from SSD1963 to TFT LCD is 18-bit width. This is first release and many things remain to do. If You can test this code with several TFT LCDs please feedback me if it works with Your LCD.




SSD1963 driver for STM32

NOTE : driver code DO NOT initialize peripherals used to communicate with SSD1963 (GPIO ports, and RCC for GPIO). You must do it yourself (all used GPIO work as outputs).


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